Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oh My Heart

So I was feeling a bit blue this morning, not really sure why, but a friend recommended vitamin D.  I think it's just feeling older and all the things that come with it.  I mean I am not that old but I have lived at least half a century, I can say that for sure.  I may look younger but my bones are getting older, arthritis and all.  I am sure I also am feeling down because my knee is hurt from a fall I took on the concrete and I have to do Physical Therapy for the next 4 or so weeks.  Bleech.  What a way to waste my time.

Anyhoo, I did some sorely needed housework because I have a ton of people living in my house, ok well, I am down to 6 people, and my other kids visit me too which adds to the mess, but had to get busy because the house certainly won't clean itself.  Half of one kitchen counter is covered with painting supplies because I am painting my house grey and robin egg blue-y teal.  So everything is a bit mussy at the moment but eventually I will get there.

Missing a shower and fresh makeup, I am dressed quite messy at the moment and though I feel a bit better, and yet still a bit melancholy.   After cleaning I was like where the heck is that NuWave oven I ordered.  I checked the front porch.  No packages.  Ugh.  I need more coffee.

I checked E-bay and it has like two more days to get here.  I was for sure thinking it would be here by now.  And I am anxiously awaiting my little baby doll parts to get here to paint my first luv bug.

So I saw this beautiful baby on ebay by Samulations and Oh my gawsh, I wanted to scream with delight.  She is so fat and cute.  She reminds me of my daughter Amber who is now 26 tomorrow.

Lilli Marlaine reborn by Sam's Reborn Nursery
 I hope Samantha doesn't hate me for showing you all her absolutely beautiful doll which I think is about to close on e-bay.  But holy cow what a gorgeous little tyke.  Samantha has skills to be reckoned with.  She truly understands the cuteness a baby should have.  It was truly hard not to completely want this dolly entirely for myself.  Luckily I have my own dolls living right here at home.  Quite a few of them.

Amber and Sophia (My daughter and grandbaby)

 When my daughter Amber was a baby she was all the chubbiness you ever could love, sweet little fat legs, she was so pudgy it took her a bit longer to crawl.  But goodness I instantly fell in love.  Well here she is now with her own little bundle of joy Sophia.   I call her Sophie and she loves to call herself "Fia". 

Amber and Sophia a couple weeks ago

Amber and Sophie plus her nephew Finnegan, who is also my grand baby that I raise.

Amber of course is all grown up and has her own little baby who is not pudgy like she was.  She is a wonderful Mommy to Sophie and she lives with us right now temporarily cuz she just split up with the dad.  Finnegan lives with us and he is in my custody.  He is like my baby but he is really my Sons baby.  I share custody with the other grandma.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am in love with that sculpt at MacPherson Crafts.  It is called Lilli Marlaine and when I finally get through a few babies I am going to order her.  I know it's like almost crazy to want to paint her before the others but I know I need to be patient.

I am determined to get her in say like May to June time frame.  What a fun time I will have putting that little cuteness together.  And shopping for her should be so much fun.  She certainly needs frilly socks and a little lacy dress kind of like Shirley Temple would have right?  And I am sure I will have a terrible time not wanting to keep her and play with her.  I may even have to fight off "Fia" to play with her.  Just kidding.

I will have to keep her high up when I am not painting her with two toddlers living in the house.  The temptation will be strong not to want to play with her.  I hope she turns out great so I can adopt her out to some Mommy who will love her and enjoy her truly.  I would also love to do an ethnic version of her as well.  Ohhh I am getting so excited.  My serotonin levels are feeling much better just envisioning dressing her in little frilly clothes and topping her off with a pretty satin bow.

Well ta ta for now... say hi if you can!

Sending love and kisses out!

Snuggle Babies Nursery 

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