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Reborn Care Instructions for

Snuggle Babies Nursery Reborns and Accessories

Always treat a reborn like a real baby! 

Magnets (WARNING)

I am discussing magnets first because there is a health concern with putting magnets in dolls.  Magnets can be removed from dolls as they will impede the operation of important equipment such as pacemakers, medical machines, computers, phones and more.  Interference can happen within 2 feet of the doll.

Do not buy dolls with magnets if you have a pacemaker or other heath equipment/machines.  Magnets can cause pacemakers and other equipment to malfunction or die and can cause a problem that could lead to severe medical consequences or death so beware.  We are not responsible if you purchase one with magnets installed.  We can remove magnets for you before they are shipped so please let us know.

Magnets can erase hard discs or drives and other important equipment in your house.  Magnets are dangerous to many kinds of electronic equipment.  We are not responsible for electronics damaged by magnets.

Keep magnets or reborn dolls with magnets installed over 2 feet away from any person with health equipment installed in their bodies such as pacemakers, diabetes injection machines, or other health equipment and machines such as phones, computers, etc. 

Keep magnets away from children or pets.  They can be harmful if swallowed.  Magnets can do intestinal damage - may cause death and also cause damage to medical equipment and computer equipment which may also cause death so be very careful.  Do not let children or people with pacemakers, etc. play with the dolls or accessories.

Putty is a great alternative to using magnets to keep things attached to baby such as pacifiers, etc. 


Take care when dressing reborn babies as you can tear off arms, legs or heads if you are too rough.  Do not be forceful with clothing.  Treat very gently like a real baby and do not hold by limbs or you might injure your reborn.  Do not shake reborn vigorously.

Wash all clothing before putting on baby as some clothing dyes can stain your reborn.  Rinse any wigs used well and dry to make sure there is no dye that runs.  Dyes can stain your reborn baby's vinyl.

Beware of fragile eyelashes and hand rooted hair when pulling clothes over the face.


Never submerge your reborn under water.  Instead wipe gently with a soft damp cloth.  Many reborn owners like to wash baby's hair but we do not recommend.  Do so at your own risk.  We do use waterproof glue to help keep baby's hair in but we are not responsible for damages due to water and washing.  We are currently not opening nasal holes so currently there is no risk of moisture damage.


Do not leave your reborn in hot environments or in your car in any type of weather.  Heat and cold could damage them.  Do not leave in sunlight or in window areas.  Cold environments may also crack or damage parts.

Do not leave in cars or car seats.  People may break your windows and/or call police thinking your baby is real.  If you car seat or travel with them, please make sure to leave a note on your car or van windows that the reborn baby is a doll since they look so lifelike they can be mistaken for real babies or children.


Do not attempt to move reborn eyes.  Doing so may break them or dislodge them.  Sometimes resin is used to create tears that could be damaged by moving the eyes or applying strange substances.  Some eyes are glass and some are acrylic so great care must be taken not to damage them.

Mohair or Real Hair

Do not brush hair when dry.  Hair should be dampened with water or styling conditioner spray and a soft baby brush, comb, pick or toothbrush.  Mohair can be damaged if styled roughly.

Do not blow dry with hair dryer.  Let air dry.

Brush gently from bottom to top to avoid pulling out hair fibers.

Hair is glued inside with waterproof glue but we do not guarantee doll is waterproof.  Wet and Shampoo at your own risk.

Painted Hair

Sharp things may damage painted hair so be very careful not to use sharp items near your reborn.


Keep away from newspaper, pens, pencils, unwashed fabrics, and other staining substances.  Some items may permanently stain the vinyl.


Reborns are collectable items and are not tested for play with children or pets.  Do not let your kids or pets go near them.  They could be a choking hazard as well as some of their accessories and paint may be toxic to children and pets.  Reborns are collectable dolls, not toys.  Do not let Children or Pets play with them!

We are not responsible for any damages that are done to or come from misuse of reborn dolls.   

 We may be able to help you fix things if something is to go wrong just contact us!

Thank you for visiting our Care Instructions page. 

Snuggle Babies Nursery

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