Accessories For Reborn Baby Dolls
(Coming soon!  I promise!) 

I promise I am working on this.  I have some great ideas planned!

Handmade bonnets, handmade pacifier clips, hand painted reborn bottles, regular reborn bottles, summer ribbon bootie sandals, handmade baby caps and booties.  And who knows what else.  Just give me time.  I will get some goodies up here for you.

I will do some matching pieces so you can buy sets that match or one of a kind items like bows and stuff.  I might also get a lot of those voice boxes for your reborns and pre-record them with the cutest sounds.

Come back soon!

~ ~ ~

Crocheted Baby Beanies - Coming Soon!

With Pom Pom

Without Pom Pom

~ ~ ~

Crocheted Bonnets - Coming Soon!

Pink With Maribou Trim

Pink Without Mariboou Trim

Pink With Lace

~ ~

White With Maribou Trim

White Without Maribou Trim

White With Lace

~ ~

Blue With Maribou Trim

Blue Without Trim

Blue With Lace

~ ~ ~

Reborn Baby Bottle - Coming Soon!

Comes with a silicone filled nipple and fake formula and/or juice.  Not for use by a child.

4 oz Size

Boy - Milk
Boy - Juice

Girl - Milk
Girl - Juice

8 oz Size

Boy - Milk
Boy - Juice

Girl Milk
Girl Juice

~ ~ ~

Reborn Pacifiers - Coming Soon!

Mam Pacifier

 0-6 Months


Nuk Pacifier

0 - 6 Months

~ ~

Other Pacifier

0-6 Months

~ ~

Hand Painted Pacifiers ~ Coming Soon!

0 - 6 Months

Hand Painted Rosebuds

Hand Painted Bunnies

Hand Painted Teddies

Hand Painted Duckies

Hand Painted Hearts

Rhinestone Pacifiers -  Coming Soon!

Clear Rhinestones

AB Rhinestones

Pink Rhinestones

Gold Rhinestones

Silver Rhinestones

 ~ ~ ~

Reborn Pacifier Holders - Coming Soon!




~ ~ ~

I had an idea to do rhinestone converse tennies with ribbons, bows and maribou trim if I can source the tennis shoes low enough and in the right sizes.

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