Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Reborn Baby Kit Purchased "Celeste"

Hi Reborn lovers and Reborners,

I purchased my first baby kit last week from Bountiful Baby.  I was watching a bunch of tutorials from Custom Baby Doll dot com.  I have been racking my brains the last few weeks trying to decide if I wanted to make the investment in another hobby(as if I did not have enough hobbies).

It's my husband's fault, he made me do it.  After completely giving up the idea after two weeks of drooling over making dolls, I decided it was not for me because I have too many other hobbies, like soap making, painting and the like.  I have too many craft supplies I am sure of it, but my husband said, you will love doing it so do it.  Ugh.  The man is right.  I know I will enjoy mastering the process.  I know I will not want to sell my dollies after sheer perfection of tiny little angels.  Just kidding on that one.  I actually look forward to putting together doll packages for the loving people who need them.

So, that being said.  I did it.  I bought everything I needed to create my first doll.  I got Celeste who was on sale because I can't afford to buy full price dolls until I know what the heck I am doing.

Reborn by Samantha Harker
Here is the picture of Celeste from Bountiful Baby who was reborn by Samantha Harker. Oh my gosh I am not sure if it's that same artist as Sam's Reborn Nursery or samulations on Ebay but oh my her babies are perfect!  Sheer perfection all the way!

Goodness I am excited to get this Celeste baby vinyl.  I already purchased a NuWave oven which should be here soon.  I am so excited to make this little cutie and see how she turns out.  Samantha is a really great artist and I doubt my first one will be anywhere near what she could do but I am going to keep dreaming...

I am impatiently waiting for my kit and supplies.  Move over old craft stuff.  I am making room for my Reborn babies.  Time to clean out the craft junk corner to make room for more stuff.

Please post any good tutorials you know of and send comments.  I really need to know what you think about my processes as I learn.  Celeste looks like a heck of a complicated doll for a first timer as she is full of nooks and crannies to practice on.

Here is the same doll kit reborn by Linda More of Dolls2Babies.  Wow could I ever do that good of a job?  I hope so.  I debated between heat set paints and air dry acrylics and I just think the heat set looks so much more lifelike but I think I have a lot of research and technique to look at before making a final decision on that.

Reborn by Linda Moore

Another cute version of this reborn was done by Deanna Flynn.  This baby has a more ethnic look to it and my she has done a beautiful job.  Look at that full head of hair.  The eyebrows are beautiful and the coloring of the lips is gorgeous!  I love that there are lighter areas on the skin but the colors are so well blended creating what appears to be highlights and then the darker creases are so natural looking.

"Celeste" reborn by Deanna Flynn

Here is the kit I am going to work on.  I bought it at Bountiful Baby in case you were wondering.  And I was thankful to get her on sale because I am new and I am sure I will need to do some practice dolls before I get good.   Again that is

It's probably good that I am not dealing with eyes yet so I will do that next time around.  Wish me luck as I work on Bountiful Baby's "Celeste".  I have to give my baby a name so I will be thinking that over during the time while I wait for her to arrive.

I will also post pictures of my first reborning experience so make sure to add me as a friend or come back and visit soon!

Happy Reborning!

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