Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Reborn Artist in the making

Kimberly of Snuggle Babies Nursery (had braces at the time & refused to smile big)

After much contemplation and craft confusion, I have decided to make reborn babies.  I have always been a painter, painting everything I can from wine glasses to oil paintings.  I am an avid soapmaker, cosmetic maker, candle maker, artist and more but I have recently become inspired into the Reborn baby doll craft and I am thinking of going down that lane.  Not only will I probably paint dolls but I am interested in sculpting them.  I have been an graphic artist and 3d artist for many years even working on video games doing scenery creation.  But I am bored trying to find the one I will finally stick to.  Now the challenge of creating a baby is fun.  I have been watching how to videos from Custom Baby Doll and Bountiful Baby for weeks on YouTube.  I even gave up the idea because of the expense.  But I finally broke down and bought a NuWave Oven so I can practice painting those perfect little faces.  I am thrilled at the idea of designing the coloring and style of a little baby.  I see the work of others and it inspires me to try to create my own little darlings.  So this blog will be my inspiration.  It will be me sharing my journey.  I hope you have fun reading about my experience.  I am also in the middle of repainting my entire house so I hope to share some of that as I finish it up.

I won't take orders of course until I have the craft mastered which might not take that long due to my crafty nature.  But I am excited to start making my first one when it arrives.  I have ordered that nifty little vinyl body and head and lots of paint and more.  More about that in my next post.

Talk to you soon!


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