Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Blushing Naveah Serenity

Work on Naveah Serenity.  This where I was after blushing and eyebrows.  She is looking pretty realistic.

Rooting Raine Eden with Black Mohair...

So I am still working on Raine Eden but due to university classes I only had two days where I had time to do some rooting.  So Raine is still partially bald.  I am getting there.  I ended up removing the gloss from her eyes because the heat from the rice bag to keep her head warm for rooting was making it soft.  It came out pretty clean.  I hand rooted her eyelashes instead of using glue ins so we will see how they look when she is all done but I won't decide until her hair is done whether I will stick with her hand rooted lashes.  After her hair is done and eyelashes done then I will reapply the crystal clear resin to her eyes because although it's a pain, it looks so glossy and nice.

I chose to do her with black hair which looks pretty darn cute.  Her eyebrows aren't as thick but since she was my 3rd baby they are not exactly how I wish they were.  It's a learning process but they are cute still.  She is going to look precious when she is done.  I want to leave enough hair to give her a tuft for bows or clips.

I really like the 42G needle with one slot much better.  It roots only a hair or two at a time.  It looks much more natural than the 38G with the 6 slotted needle.  I am gonna get some forked 42G needles ordered as well.  I did end up liking the rubber ended needles but they still break if you aren't careful.  It's an expensive craft, that's for sure.  You can easily go through 10-30 dollars worth of needles if you are not careful.

I also went shopping for Rhaine and got her some really cute clothes.  I am excited to show you but I am so tired from all my homework this week and have had no time to take pics so that will be coming Sunday if I am lucky.

More to come soon! I should be putting Gracie Rose up for adoption this coming week when I have time.  I may add a bit more stuffing to her chest area, it's just a thought.

Take care,

Snuggle Babies Nursery

Friday, September 8, 2017

Blushing on Nevaeh Serenity * Update *

Hi friends,

Ok so I am supposed to be doing my homework but guess what.  I could not focus last night nor could I this morning.  All I can think about is wanting to paint, blush, and detail my babies.  Oh, and hanging out with my family, my son, my daughter and my grandbaby.  I am enjoying it so much.  So I was really focused this morning and did not want to write my 4 papers due by Sunday so I spent a little time working on Nevaeh Serenity's blushing.  So in between dealing with my 4-year-old grandchild, and making food, taking care of my Maltese dogs, etc, I got a little time in to blush.  Don't worry I alway wash my hands, in fact, I am a bit of a germaphobe and Maltese are allergy friendly because I have the worst allergies in the world.  So I wash very well and mostly my husband and son take care of my pups.  They are kennelled while inside anyway or else they would have probably torn up my reborn dolls already.  So I have to make this quick.  I just wanted to share with you my blushing on Nevaeh Serenity that I did.  I am really proud and I have to say I might do just a tad more on her elbows, knees, cheeks, and pads of hands and feet but overall she looks beautiful.  She is not baked yet but afterwards the blushing should be a bit more subtle.  Then I will do more of a focused blushing on sweet little cheeks, knees, elbows and touch up work.

Excuse the soft towel beneath her it's to catch any paint so I can wash it out.  It is dry so none of that will end up on the baby.  So far I have done quite a few layers of paint on her, probably about 10 different layers of the genesis heat set paint.

I am feeling very proud as I think she looks extremely good.  I hope you like her.  I am trying to really focus on a very newborn look for this reborn doll.  She is Nevaeh from Bountiful Baby.  Nevaeh is sculpted by Denise Pratt.  She is really a gorgeous little baby.  I am gonna call her Nevaeh Serenity.  I am making great progress and I hope you like her too!

I gotta get on my homework, so have fun and visit me soon!

Love to all,

Kimberly Stevens

Working on 2 new babies Nevaeh Serenity and Kendal Paige

Vein detailing on head

Vein detail on cute hands

More vein detailing on legs and feet

Hi guys, Sorry I have not been around much, and even though I am technically a grandma to two beautiful grandkids and a mom to 4 children which of 3 are out of the home, I am a college student. So last spring was a nightmare because all I did was study and it was so difficult to go to full time school at a hard university that I only went part time this semester but it is still a lot of work.  I worked my tail to the bone and got an A+ and an A in my last two classes.  I was going full time so I had absolutely no time to work on much and being as how I was just learning to reborn it was too much for me.  But I learned so much.  I am doing such a great job on my two new girl babies and I have plans for more.  I am going to do a boy too, yay!

I also went on vacation to the Caribbean.  We got to visit our timeshare in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands for 10 whole days!  It was so beautiful, I will share pictures later!

I ordered some supplies for my next babies as I work on my other two babies.  But I am freaking out because two large storms are coming.  I am keeping my eye on those hurricanes as they should arrive this coming week.  I am in Virginia so who knows what is coming our way next week and I am praying we do not have to evacuate!  As it is, I should be working on a paper right now but I am so excited to make my new babies, I am looking at videos online of course!  I love to watch videos of people as they get their new babies and I also like seeing what other artists are working on.  It's fun to see how people react to their babies and I enjoy seeing them sharing their tips, techniques and watching them play with their little tykes.

This week I found that some artists are doing larger dolls and I can't imagine how some are quite large and lifelike.  But I hope I can do some of the full body reborn dolls in the near future and maybe even silicone but like anything, learning is a process and I must be patient.  It's so hard for me because I have always been a painter so I am super excited for the next project.  Once again I am in school so I have to work hard on a class for my Information Technology Degree with a focus in cyber security.  Strangely all I can think of is painting my dolls!  What the heck?  I know.  It's strange. Especially late at night but I have found it's best not to paint at night because the lighting is too dark.  I will work on getting better lighting in the near future but I am still rearranging my house because I am painting my house new colors!

Strangely my husband likes the idea of me painting dolls so he never ever complains when I order a lot of supplies.  For some reason, it makes him happy to see me happy and he loves that I am an artist (and a good cook).  But I admit I love to see him happy too.  Like tonight when he went to go see "It" with my 20-year-old daughter and her husband.  I was like, no thanks, but have a lot of fun and don't eat too much popcorn!  He smiled like a kid in a candy factory because he is a huge comic, sci fi, and movie buff.  So I hope he enjoyed it.  No thanks on the clown thing for me.  Clowns don't freak me out too much except in that movie.

Anyhow, I am excited to show you pictures of my new babies as soon as I can!  I am going to start doing videos on my progress as well so you can see how I am doing.  I need to share to see what you think.  I am also going to start some videos to help you all learn if you want to make your own babies.  Since I am a mom, I have lots of experience and so maybe I can make some great recommendations to you!  Despite the fact that my daughter says my dolls are "creepy" she really does love them and probably wants one for herself.

Here are some pictures and videos so enjoy and say hi, please!  I love hearing from you all!

Love and blessings!