Rooting Service


Rooting Services

Sparsely Rooted (Not including hair)

preemie                        $100
newborn                       $150

Full Head Rooted (Not including hair)

preemie                         $150
newborn                        $200
toddler                           $300-400 depending on length and thickness

Partial Head Rooted - Crown Area (Not including hair)
crown / swirl   
preemie                         $75
newborn                        $100

Rooting must be paid in full before I start.  It should be done within a week of my starting.  I can only root one doll at a time so first come first serve.

Shipping $12
Paypal fee is $3.00 extra per $100.

If you need me to supply the hair it is no problem.  It does take extra time for me to receive the hair.  Each vendor charges differently.  It really depends on what you want.  Otherwise, I will root the hair you send.  If the hair is not good quality I will not be able to root it.  I may refuse to root poor quality or cheap hair.  There are no refunds.  I will do a quality rooting job and wrap your head carefully before returning.  You will send only the head to me and I will root and double glue the hair in with industry standard glues.

Hair may be sent with the head or I can order for you at an additional charge.  Hair is not free nor included with your rooting service.  You will pay different prices according to what you want and which vendor has it.

Contact me at for rooting services.

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