Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Was Really, Really Bad!

Hi Reborn Lovers and Reborners!

Oh no!  I was really bad!

I was done buying reborn baby stuff at Bountiful Baby for my first reborn baby this month, and then, temptation struck again.  More baby kits on sale!  What????   What is a girl to do???  Usually I have more money but that pesky IRS, they keep taking as much as they can so I am having to be careful, limiting my wasting of helpful money.  And those stupid credit card companies keep racking up almost as much as I pay them each month in fees.  They keep a girl's shopping budget in bondage!  Gonna have to get rid of those for sure! 

I just could not stop myself though.  I guess one of those hospital bills is gonna have to wait til next month lol(my husband is great at racking them up).  I bought two more reborn baby kits from Bountiful Baby because they were half off.  Though I wanted to buy more and I seriously contemplated buying four kits, I restrained and bought two.

I will save the 2 new kits until I am done with reborn baby number one, "Celeste", which I got from Bountiful Baby.  Then I will go back and buy the small things baby needs. 

So my weakness was controlled none the less.  I picked the two most beautiful babies I could.  I chose Bountiful Babies' "Gracie" kit and the "Raine" kit.

I was just thinking of donating my grandbaby's changing table a day ago but now I will keep it and use it for my reborn babies.  Ha ha!  I did not want to let it go anyway!  Now my husband can't make me!  He is still using his crib too which is a cute crib so I will save that too when he out grows it!

I am just absolutely in love with the "Gracie" kit and I could see myself having a real problem letting her go if she turned out good enough for Adoption.  I am just smitten with her cute little button nose and perfect little rosebud lips. She reminds me of my daughter Cara Mia when she was a newborn.  Her big brown eyes and soft brownish hair just melt my heart.  Look at that cute little chin!

"Gracie" reborn by Mary Katherine Skay
"Raine" by Bountiful Baby is another one of those gorgeous babies I just find myself wanting to cuddle.  She could definitely be snuggling with me whilst I am watching my favorite show.   She does have a cuteness that kind of reminds me of my other daughter Amber Nicole.

"Raine" reborn by Melissa George
I wanted the "Kimberly" kit of course because that is my name but I had to go with what was affordable and had good deep discounts for my crafting pleasure.  I guess I will have to wait!  Oh my gosh the pale skin with the peachy pink cheeks and not over done lips make her so lifelike!  And if the blonde hair doesn't just call out to you, because I don't see them looking this good normally, then you are just nuts.  This baby is just all that cheeky, pink, heavenly sweetness.

"Kimberly" reborn by Silvia Creations

Look at this gauzy little cuddle wrap.  I saw that yesterday at the store and was so tempted to just buy one.  At least I know where to pick one up should I need it.

I am thinking of going back next month for another little guy I saw "Nicholas".  He was done up as a ethnic black baby and Oh my goodness was he just the sweetest little thing.   I did not like him so much in Caucasian color but maybe I could paint him well as a Caucasian.  But check this little guy out!  Isn't he just the bees knees.

"Nicholas" reborn by Deanna Flynn

Isn't he just yummy!  Check out that beautiful sheen on his skin.  Such cute little cheeks, big brown eyes and the sweetest little curls.  Any Reborn Mommy would be so proud of him!  I hope to learn more so I can get these gorgeous skin tones done well like this amazing artist did.

I can only blame my husband because he insisted I do this hobby.

Talk to you soon!

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