Monday, February 20, 2017

More About Me

Hi Reborn Lovers and Reborn Artists,

My name is Kimberly Stevens.  I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia but I am originally from San Diego, California.  I am a mother of 4 and grandma of 2.  I have enjoyed having babies but now I am a young grandma and I am enjoying my kids getting older and spoiling my grandchildren. I love to paint, draw, write stories, I am a published author and I love to decorate my house, work on my yard and spend time with my kids baking and having fun!  My husband is wonderful to me and he spoils me a bit but we have a lovely home in Virginia Beach where we are raising my youngest son and one of my grandkids who lives with me half time.  My daughter and my other grandchild also live with me temporarily.  I have two girls and two boys plus 1 boy grandchild.

I am a student at Regent University which is a Christian University as well as a business owner.  The degree I am working on is in Information Systems Technology and one of my businesses is an Information Technology Services consulting firm.

I have been an artist since I was very young.  I won an art contest by the time I was in 3rd grade and my art was put in a museum.  I always could paint and draw and I became interested in Graphics around the time of the emergence of Windows.  I started with Corel Paint Shop Pro and I then later got involved in Computer 3D Art and Gaming Art.  I love to oil paint but I am usually unable to do a lot of painting in oils, they take forever to dry.  I also enjoy painting wine glasses and I have a lot of fun shabby chic-ing everything!  Even though we can afford new things, I prefer old vintage finds most of the time.

I tend to enjoy anything that involves color, texture, patterns, and design.  I recently had a small tad of cancer in late 2015 and then got cured using CBD Oil and a Moh's Surgery and some other alternative treatments.  My cancer went from a small tumor to nothing in about 4-5 weeks it was starting to dissapear.  I had the rest cut out for safety sake and the doctor confirmed it was gone with a cat scan on my head and neck.  In 2016 I spent most of the year trying to catch up and feel better.  So now I am working out the other kinks in my body due to old age and working on a Information Technology business.  I also have a fashion business but due to the rough economy and the cancer stuff I am slowly phasing that out though I will miss it terribly. 

Fashion was very fun and exciting but people in Virginia don't care much for fashion as they are much more casual tending to wear jeans and t-shirts a lot.  It was much more important to the Californians where I used to live.  Also people for the last few years just seem to not have money for fashion like they used to.  My fashion business was really starting to grow when I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma so I ended up closing my store because I did not know if I would get real sick.  But luckily I caught it early.  Thank the Good Lord for that.

My husband is a contractor who works on data warehousing, software architectures and such IT things and he is brilliant.  So we like to work and talk about that and he is also a writer so that also is something we have in common.  I am always working on a book and so is he.  He just got a really big book deal with a famous book company so now I can say my husband is going to be a famous writer!  We also love to video game and spend time with our kids going to movies, dinner, kids activities and more.

I never sleep much and I am very social.  So make sure to say Hi and tell me what's up in your life!

Sending Lots of Love!

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