Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elsie May Was Born December 5th at 10:25 pm

Ok guys, I am especially in love with this one.  Her face is so darn cute.  That smile is just so touching and warm.  Her name is Elsie May and she is a sculpt from Bountiful Baby called Elsie.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her.  She will be available shortly as soon as I get her box together and add a touch more blushing to her neck of her belly plate.  I just thought I would show her off.  I couldn't even wait because I forgot to do my graphic stamp but I will get that up later as I have a party to clean for!  I might have a real hard time letting her go but at some point I will have to face the facts that I am an artist and these creations are not for me.  They are for special mommies and daddies who need them!

She has newborn dark blue eyes.

Tata for now,

Love Kimberly

Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Happenings!

Shekeia Kaandra has been adopted.  She is currently reserved but will be leaving us for the Christmas holiday to go be with her new family!  We are going to miss her!

I am also working on a custom light ethnic baby named Lillian Marie.  I am so excited to do a new project for someone special!  I am creating her using the Lillian Sculpt from Bountiful Baby!  Updates are coming soon!

And this weekend I am having a Ugly Sweater Christmas Party so that should be lots of fun!  I hope I can clean up my baby mess in time!

Rinesha Ashanti Was Born December 4 at 3:17 AM

Hi reborners and reborn lovers,

Just wanted to share my new baby Rinesha, she is so darn cute!  She was born at 3:17 am in the morning.  She sure is an early riser.  She has soft black curls, the sweetest brown eyes, and long black sleepy eyelashes.  Her joints rotate fully and she is great at sitting up.  She smells like a baby powder dream come true!

Here she is, Miss Rinesha Ashanti.  Isn't she just the cutest!  The sun was so bright it was shining in the room and lit her up like an angel!  After I get her photos sorted out, she will be going up on various sites for sale.  She will be $350 plus shipping and has a beautiful layette!  It has two jammie outfits, a onesie, a headband, a mint bow, organza socks, a bottle, a hair brush and comb, detangling spray, two pacifiers with magnets, scratch mittens, a pacifier holder, receiving blanket, a beautiful pink plush blanket, body plate with tiny mole on shoulder and silver ties.  She will also come with a cute toy!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

What I Am Working On!

Hi Everyone,

I bet you wonder what the heck is Kimberly doing with her reborns lately?  Well, I have worked on them a bit.  But I have also been knee deep in homework.  Blech!  I like learning but not a whole university subject in 8 weeks.  Yikes, it's making me feel a bit crazy, especially when I just want to paint baby dolls, but I have to finish this degree.  Plus my elbow is really bad as I have a good case of tendonitis and painting and rooting doesn't make it any easier.

Well, I have been working on several dolls.  So here is what I am doing at the moment in between mounds and mountains of homework!

1.  Rinesha Ashanti - My second Ethnic Reborn Baby Girl - She is fully painted, sealed and rooted at this point.  She is ready to be reborned.  I know you can't see her well with this picture but tomorrow I will likely be reborning her into her soft doeskin body!  I am super excited to see how she comes out!

2.  Rose Delilah - She is a caucasian reborn baby girl  - She is fully painted, I just need to seal her and root her and reborn her.  I can't wait, I am already so in love with her.  I may start over with her eyebrows but I am thinking she will be a blonde.  Her complexion is so beautiful!  She has a tiny bit of baby eczema on her forehead and tiny milk spots.

3.  Nicholas Elijah - A caucasian reborn baby boy - He is fully painted, he needs sealing, rooting and reborning.  I already got his clothes.  So cute.  Poor little guy needs his nails trimmed, he scratched his face and oh no he has a touch of eczema on his forehead.  I think he will also be blonde.

4. Elsie May - Working on a caucasian girl with black hair and newborn blue eyes.  Her little smile will amaze you!  She also has a very tiny touch of baby eczema on her forehead and tiny milk spots.  She is rooted with black hair now but I am working on her eyebrows next.  I am hand rooting them over painted eyebrows.  She is really cute!  I tried her with brown eyes but I settled for medium dark newborn blue.  (Sorry her hair is a mess right now)

5. Celeste Moon - An ethnic reborn baby girl.  Not fully painted yet but getting there.

6.  Lillian who I am reborning into a boy for my grandson.  He wants his own boy reborn so i am going to make him one that looks like himself.

 7.  I think this one is called precious or something.  Gonna start that one soon!

And several more that I will be starting.  Right now my table is filled with babies and limbs and I am having a Christmas Potluck next weekend so I better get my crafting mess all cleaned up!

I have gotten Patreon set up partially and also working on adding more videos to youtube so you can see what I am doing.  Visit me again soon!

Happy Holidays!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Shekeia Kaandra Available Now! Comes with FREE Belly Plate.

I took more pictures of Shekeia Kaandra.  Here she is...

She will be available on e-bay and reborns.com or you can email me quickly and I can send you an invoice via paypal.  She is $400 plus Shipping (depends on your area - to Continental US is 59.95).


If you want your own baby like this one, let me know!

Her belly plate has a small crack on the inside (not visible from the outside) which I have repaired so I am throwing it in for free.  It is as is.  No warranties.  (Flowers not included - they are just graphics)

The belly plate has thin pink satin ribbons to tie it on.

Body Plate Front

FREE Body Plate Back - thin crack on back of plate repaired with Modge Podge 3D Medium.  

She comes with lots of goodies shown and you will also get a FREE baby bracelet!

No refunds, no returns, no warranty.  Please see my care instructions!

Thanks Kimberly