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Picture from Bountiful Baby
Bountiful Baby Realborn Sleeping Marissa


If you see a Realborn doll kit or other Reborn doll kit you like let me know and I can paint it for you. I will be happy to give you a quote to reborn the specific kit you like.  I can do other kits and will post the ones I am interested in painting but contact me if you have a specific kit you want reborned.

Per Bountiful Baby, Realborns come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate has a picture of the real baby and actual footprints, created from the scans of the real baby, as well as a place for you to sign your own artist/nursery name and write birth details about your baby (weight, length, etc).

Reborn babies may take 2-6 weeks for me to complete depending on my schedule and how detailed you want the doll.  The doll will be painted the way I have learned to paint but I can make small adjustments for skin tone, eye, eyebrow and hair colors.  I do not guarantee my work to look like anyone else's work.  I prefer to put my own special touch on it.  My work is a mixture of learned techniques that are specific to my experience.  I do not do silicone dolls yet, but I plan to in the future.

Get any of these Bountiful Baby Reborn Dolls custom made for you if still available.  If sold out some limited editions (LE) may not be purchased again.  I can check stock for you and give you a quote for your OOAK baby reborn.  Please be patient as I add more dolls.

Bountiful Baby Reborn Baby Doll Sculpts


Ella Twin by Denise Pratt NEW
Everly Twin by Denise Pratt NEW

Realborn Awake

Realborn Ana Awake (newborn)
Realborn Asher Awake LE   LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Ashley Awake (preemie)
Realborn Aspen Awake Twin (preemie)
Realborn Clyde Awake (preemie)
Realborn Dominic Awake (newborn)
Realborn Elizabeth Awake Twin (newborn)
Realborn Emmy Toddler (toddler)
Realborn Joseph Awake (newborn)
Realborn Kase Awake LE LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Logan Awake (newborn)
Realborn Miranda Awake (newborn) NEW
Realborn Owen Awake (newborn)
Realborn Premie Thomas Awake (preemie)

Realborn Sleeping

Realborn Sleeping Ana (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Asher LE LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Sleeping Ashley (preemie)
Realborn Sleeping Brittany (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Charles (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Clyde (preemie)
Realborn Sleeping Dominic (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Emma (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Evelyn Twin  (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Elizabeth Twin (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Jaxson (preemie)
Realborn Sleeping Joseph (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Kase LE (newborn) LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Sleeping Kimberly (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Laila (newborn)  NEW
Realborn Sleeping Landon (newborn) NEW
Realborn Sleeping Leif Twin (preemie)
Realborn Sleeping Logan (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Macy Twin (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Madison (newborn) NEW
Realborn Sleeping Marissa (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Miranda (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Miya Twin (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Owen (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Presley LE (newborn) LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Sleeping Priscilla (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Quinn (newborn) NEW
Realborn Sleeping Rebekah (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Reese (newborn) NEW
Realborn Sleeping Summer Rain (newborn)
Realborn Sleeping Thomas LE (preemie) LIMITED EDITION
Realborn Sleeping Zuri (newborn) NEW

Full Vinyl Body - Anatomically Correct

Angel Girl by Donna RuBert 19"
Harper Boy by Donna RuBert 19"
Maddox Boy by Cindy Musgrove 20" - twin to Maggie
Maggie Girl by Cindy Musgrove 20" - twin to Maddox
Max Boy by Cindy Musgrove 14"

10 to 12 Inches

13 to 15 Inches

16 to 17 Inches

18 Inches

19 Inches

Violet by Marissa May (Awake)

20 Inches

Aubrey by Denise Pratt  (Awake)
Candy by Donna RuBert (Awake)
Jacelyn by Donna Rubert (Sleeping)
Kate by Marissa May (Sleeping)
Precious Gift by Cindy Musgrove (Sleeping)

21 Inches

22 Inches

23 to 24 Inches

Sweet Pea by Laura Lee Eagles (0-3 Months, Size 1 Shoe & Diaper)

25 to 26 Inches

Cookie  (9 months)

27 to 29 Inches

Juan (18 months)

30 to 32 Inches




I will add more doll kit links as I have time.

I can do other kits at your request.  Please contact me to let me know of specific kits from other vendors that you want reborned.

Contact me if you have any questions or requests.  You can email me at

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