Friday, March 3, 2017

Painting and Painting A Baby

Hi Reborn Lovers and Reborners,

I have been very busy painting and exploring options for shading, blushing and more.  I have spent over 6 hours trying to get the lips right on my first reborn baby doll.  Lots of attempts to get the lips similar to some other artists's reborn lips that I admire.  It has been a bit frustrating and I have redone them several times.  I am not sure if I am even happy with them now.  I wish I could find a good tutorial on lips that has a result I like. 

Perhaps it's just the difficulty of the baby I chose to paint.  Her mouth is open, tongue out slightly, and her lips are pursed creating a weird set of lips.  I also noticed they are not symmetrical so that too posed an issue for my first baby.

Nose looked a bit wet but I cleaned that up.

I tried to make her look as real as I could, giving her lots of shading, blushing and a newborn color scheme.  So far I think she has been baked at least 12 or more times.  Wow.  She is about to get her final matting layer before I start putting her hair in.  I have ordered her neck and arm/leg rings and I am ready to hurry up and get this girl together so I can give her a cuddle myself!  I can't wait to dress her all up!

Well compared to her starting look what do you all think? I think she has a very real look.

Celeste is halfway finished.  I still need to root her eyelashes and hair.  Not sure what you are thinking, but my kids all say it's creepy because she looks so real, lol.  I have redone her over and over with layers of Genesis Heat Set paint.  She is really looking pretty life-like.

I'm missing a few of her pieces so I had to order her plugs and neck ring today.  Hoping it will be here by Monday.  I am planning on starting to root her hair this weekend.  She will have light brown hair and light brown eyelashes.   I need to bake her and then paint some more gloss on her lips and other details.
Light Brown Mohair from Bountiful Baby

Celeste Natalia will have light brown hair, lashes and eyebrows.  I hope to create a soft newborn fluff of hair that can be brushed up into a curl or brushed into various baby styles.  I will keep you aprised of the hair situation but I can't do it while toddlers are crawling all over me and demanding things.

Two pairs of Pabol eyes I ordered have arrived.  They are really beautiful and much tinier than I could imagine!  I can't wait to try them in my next Reborn baby.  The Pabol eyes are so nice and lifelike.  I am thinking of ordering more.  I am considering selling the Pabol Eyes if you all are interested let me know.  They are so affordable compared to some other eyes.

I have been caring for two toddlers today (my grand babies) and I am pooped.  Plus my daughter's car has a cracked head gasket so I am sure we will be spending countless hours at a Car Dealership tomorrow trying to get her a new car.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lots Of Love,

Snuggle Babies Nursery

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