Friday, March 17, 2017

Glossy Eyes Are So Cute! Love The Lifelike Look!

So I waited patiently for the crystal clear resin from to come.  It finally came.  I glossed two of my babies eyes and honestly they look so pretty when they were finished drying.  It took about 2 full days for them not to be tacky.  But the shine in them is so cute.  They almost look teary.  I followed Kim's tutorial from Custom Doll Baby.

I am not unhappy that I did use the Little Windows resin as per a tutorial from a very talented artist Kim from Custom Doll Baby.  I also used it to polish up the lips, the inner nares and the nails.  Each came out perfectly beautiful.  I was more happy with this Gracie Rose's feet than I was with Celeste's feet. Her nails looked darling after I used the resin on them.  I also had used varnish on Celeste's toenails which looks great but did not cure after two days.  I did have to baby sit the resin in her eyes and I had to make sure eyelashes were already glued in and that the eyes were cleaned up before starting.  I used wedges to help stabilize the head while I carefully brushed the resin into her eyes and onto other areas.

Granted I learned a lot and that my eyebrows are a little too dark because I had to make them match her hair better which meant a second coat of paint (sadly).  But the gloss in the acrylic Pabol eyes and on the lips just looks so lifelike.  I was thrilled when a facebook friend told me that she thought Gracie Rose was sooo beautiful..yay!

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