Thursday, March 9, 2017

Painted Eyebrows on Gracie and Raine

Hi all,

Well I ended up just painting my eyebrows for the time being.  Granted they look a little too perfect.  But they are ok for now.  I practiced painting like at least 200 eyebrows or more on parchment paper.
It did help.  My two reborn dolls Gracie and Raine look pretty good.  Though I do think they look a little bit too pretty.  I will practice more to get a better newborn brow.  I need to find pictures though to practice from.

So Gracie got brows...

And  Raine got brows...

It will have to do for now until I can practice more newborn brows.   Please leave you comments.  I can always use tips and tricks.

Celeste got thrown in a box for later.  I almost finished rooting her but she is way too much of a practice doll.  I will buy a new one later.

Have fun reborners....

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