Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gracie Rose Was Born Today at 7:06 PM

 Happy Birthday Gracie Rose!!!

Celebrating the birth of Gracie Rose.  Well almost.  I still am going to order some of that Crystal Resin to gloss her eyes up with instead of the Aileen's Paper Glaze.  I hear when Aileen's expires, it leaves the eyes unclear.

For the most part she is good to go.  I did find a small error on her doeskin body which makes me mad.  I wish I had caught it earlier.  It looks like a tiny grey oblong blob.  I also have to put crystal clear resin her eyes and hope it makes her eyes glossy like tears.  I am thrilled that she came out as pretty as she did.

She does have painted hair.  I have rooted another doll but I wanted to try my hand at painting.  It's not perfect but it's not bad either.

Why does the brown come out so reddish yellow even with the blue paint in the brown.  Ugh.  I need more colors to experiment with.  Over all it looks fine for my first doll.  I am sorry the lighting in this picture is so bad.  It's usually under this work light that is bright and does not show the shading very well. 

I will do a photo shoot with her tomorrow maybe.  And get her resin for her eyes on order.  I start school again tomorrow so I hope to have enough time to get the other reborn finished up too before my classes get hard and heavy.  I go to Regent University and I am working on my Information Systems Technology with a minor in Cyber-security.  So I will be knee deep in homework soon!  One of my classes this semester will be hard and the other will be easy.  I don't want to learn intermediate programming Java and Information Security Systems.  I just wanna reborn!  Hahah!

I can't complain.  Her magnets aren't real strong but they are working holding her binky and bow on.  I am ordering stronger ones.  Of course they are coming from china so it will take a while.  Until then I am forced to deal with the weak ones I can get.

She feels good like a real baby.  I will have to weigh her and fill out her birth certificate now.  I will start getting her ready to go.

My grandson absolutely was infatuated with her.  He thought she was a real baby and wanted to feed her the bottle and give her the pacifier and try to hold her.  It was hilarious as she looked like a real baby in his arms.

I think I am going to list her for $600.  I think she is worth that much since I used all top notch materials. Due to a two small issues one with her body and one with her eye that is why I will list her cheap.  Also she has a very expensive wardrobe.  Her clothing is almost all from Kohls, Carters, etc.  I am going to decide what she gets and get her listing up to date.  I may be putting her up on ebay shortly AS IS.  She is my first completed baby and she is so cute, I want to keep her...

Happy Birthday Gracie Rose...

With Love,

Snuggle Babies Nursery

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