Thursday, October 19, 2017

Neveah Serenity Showcase

Hi friends and artists,

Neveah Serenity is almost ready to go.  I do have to take care of two minor issues and order a smaller outfit for her but she is stuffed and primped and waiting for her new mommy and daddy.

I created her using the Bountiful Baby "Neveah" doll kit, ash blonde mohair and genesis heat set paints.

Do you want to see her?  Okay!  Here she is!

I am so proud of how she turned out.  I have a couple of items to do before she is completely finished.  I have to order a smaller outfit, as she seems to be preemie sized.

First moments...


Awww, she is sooo sweet...

Such cute little toes...

Look at all that hair....

She is such a cuddler...

How sweet!  Such pretty little feet.


Oh goodness, how can you not be in love...

Mommy, come get me...

Guess who is hungry?

Oh goodness, she is cute!


Pink little knees.

She likes her binky!

Trying her socks on!

Blue eyes with a flecks of gold in them!

Mama!  Hold me!

She is gonna need preemie to 0 months clothing!

Ready to snuggle her Mommy!

Ash blond hair rooted over hand painted hair.

Well there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her.  She will be available now!

Neveah Serenity!

Sending love and hugs!

Kimberly Stevens

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