Thursday, October 12, 2017

Eyelashes for Neveah Serenity (and other things)

Neveah is a Bountiful Baby doll kit, she is going to be 19" approximately and she was made by Denise Pratt.  I have put 20mm Pabol Acrylic eyes in her and glued her eye flaps closed as you can see below.

Neveah Serenity got her glossing, eyelashes, bow magnets, pacifier magnets and more.
Magnets inside her head drying.

Excuse her mussy hair right now, it will be styled later.  I realize her hair looks like corn beef and hash right now, but it is mohair, once I spray it with some conditioner and style it, it will look gorgeous!

This magnet is actually two magnets stuck together and glued into her head.  I have magnets on top of her head to hold them in place until they dry.  Then her new mommy can stick bows with metal clips on her head.  She will also have enough hair that you can just clip magnets in or put a tiny pony tail on top.

Here I have glued her eyes shut with her pabol eyes in and then I also glued in a set of magnets for her pacifier.  The original magnets were small and not strong enough so I added a second one and they are drying.  I keep the pacifier on her lips so the magnets will stay in place while they dry.  Her pacifier has no nipple but a magnet which holds it in place on her face and a small piece of soft cloth keeps her lips from getting scratched.

I have used eyelashes for her from Bountiful Baby.  These are brown eyelashes and I glued them in ever so carefully but they were stubborn and I had to make them behave.  I did end up picking out a few balls of sticky glue with a tiny tweezers.

A day ago I mixed resin and shined her lips, nose cavity and eye lids, under her eyes and bit inside her ears.  I also painted the area in the very center inside a bit pink to mimic the tear duct of a human baby.  Early on I did milk spots around her nose and blotted them a minute after applying them to make them muted.  

Naveah Serenity will be finished very soon!  Perhaps even tomorrow I can finish her up and put her body on her.  Yay!  She is so stinking cute!  I can't wait to get her in her onesie!  I am gonna have to go dress shopping for her!  Neveah wears size newborn or 0-3 months clothing and when she is complete I will be dressing her up with a diaper, and full baby wardrobe.

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