Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Updates on Neveah, Rinesha and Kaelin, Bountiful Baby kits

Here I am, working on some dolls today.  Thought you might want to see how crazy I look while trying to paint my reborn babies.

Here is my gorgeous Rinesha Ashanti, my first ethnic reborn I am working on.  She has been getting coats of Genesis ethnic colors which I thought were too light and now she is getting a custom mix of ethnic color using a burnt umber with a touch of yellow, which I am loving!

Here is my tiny second ethnic baby, Kaelin Joy.  She is looking beautiful with her new layers of paint.  I have ordered beautiful black mohair for Rinesha and Kaelin and I am really excited to get their mottling, veining, creases and detail layers started but trying to get that base color right is my first priority!  She is getting a nice belly plate done.  Sorry if you don't like the body plate please move forward.

I have been working on Neveah Serenity, a beautiful Caucasian reborn, painted her hair and rooted an Ash Blonde mohair over it.  She still needs a tad more rooting, her eyes and magnets and so on.

I have to reborn between classes, homework and tests because I go to a university here in Virginia for Information Systems Technology with a focus in Cyber Security.

See you soon!


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