Thursday, October 12, 2017

Introducing Shekeia Kaandra

Here is the darling 16" Kaelin kit designed by Denise Pratt of Bountiful Baby.  She is one of a second series of newborns with a fontanelle or soft spot on her head to mimic a real newborn baby.  She also is very preemie sized at 16" when fully finished.  Sometimes I used a plastic lid to carry parts back and forth to my NuWave oven which I keep in the bathroom with the fan going and window open at times. They are pretty hot when I get them out.

Here I have layered probably 16 layers of paint, mottling, veining and more to get the torso to get that beautiful ethnic chocolate color.  I omitted the private parts but she is a female and has female frontal anatomy on her belly plate.  She has been baked numerous times to get a realistic look.  I have been experimenting with various colors to get the right tone and smooth dark skinned look.  I think I finally have success.  I wish I had more time to dye her doeskin body dark but maybe next time around.

It was tough to get the right colors to mottle the skin where it showed under the darker color.  I didn't want to do too much or too little.  Plus veining does not really show up as well under the darker skin color.

How cute is this little belly button.  I can't wait to get some blushing done and see how realistic it looks.  I wish I knew more about making umbilical cords.  Maybe later as I learn more.  I hear you can do it with sculpey clay.

I have been detailing her face today and next I will give her some blushing.  I am going to cook her next to make her details permanent and then start blushing and sealing her so that I can start to root her.  I am going to do the lightest amount of hair because if I do too much her fontanel wont show.

I hand painted her bottom lashes just because.  I will will hand root her upper lashes.

I still have some eyebrow work to do, creasing and blushing, she needs glossing and eyelashes later.  But for now she is looking pretty cute!

Shekeia will be $400 because she has a belly plate too, plus $59.95 shipping.  Deposits can be made while I am working on her.  Just email me if you are interested in her at

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