Sunday, December 3, 2017

What I Am Working On!

Hi Everyone,

I bet you wonder what the heck is Kimberly doing with her reborns lately?  Well, I have worked on them a bit.  But I have also been knee deep in homework.  Blech!  I like learning but not a whole university subject in 8 weeks.  Yikes, it's making me feel a bit crazy, especially when I just want to paint baby dolls, but I have to finish this degree.  Plus my elbow is really bad as I have a good case of tendonitis and painting and rooting doesn't make it any easier.

Well, I have been working on several dolls.  So here is what I am doing at the moment in between mounds and mountains of homework!

1.  Rinesha Ashanti - My second Ethnic Reborn Baby Girl - She is fully painted, sealed and rooted at this point.  She is ready to be reborned.  I know you can't see her well with this picture but tomorrow I will likely be reborning her into her soft doeskin body!  I am super excited to see how she comes out!

2.  Rose Delilah - She is a caucasian reborn baby girl  - She is fully painted, I just need to seal her and root her and reborn her.  I can't wait, I am already so in love with her.  I may start over with her eyebrows but I am thinking she will be a blonde.  Her complexion is so beautiful!  She has a tiny bit of baby eczema on her forehead and tiny milk spots.

3.  Nicholas Elijah - A caucasian reborn baby boy - He is fully painted, he needs sealing, rooting and reborning.  I already got his clothes.  So cute.  Poor little guy needs his nails trimmed, he scratched his face and oh no he has a touch of eczema on his forehead.  I think he will also be blonde.

4. Elsie May - Working on a caucasian girl with black hair and newborn blue eyes.  Her little smile will amaze you!  She also has a very tiny touch of baby eczema on her forehead and tiny milk spots.  She is rooted with black hair now but I am working on her eyebrows next.  I am hand rooting them over painted eyebrows.  She is really cute!  I tried her with brown eyes but I settled for medium dark newborn blue.  (Sorry her hair is a mess right now)

5. Celeste Moon - An ethnic reborn baby girl.  Not fully painted yet but getting there.

6.  Lillian who I am reborning into a boy for my grandson.  He wants his own boy reborn so i am going to make him one that looks like himself.

 7.  I think this one is called precious or something.  Gonna start that one soon!

And several more that I will be starting.  Right now my table is filled with babies and limbs and I am having a Christmas Potluck next weekend so I better get my crafting mess all cleaned up!

I have gotten Patreon set up partially and also working on adding more videos to youtube so you can see what I am doing.  Visit me again soon!

Happy Holidays!


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