Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elsie May Was Born December 5th at 10:25 pm

Ok guys, I am especially in love with this one.  Her face is so darn cute.  That smile is just so touching and warm.  Her name is Elsie May and she is a sculpt from Bountiful Baby called Elsie.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her.  She will be available shortly as soon as I get her box together and add a touch more blushing to her neck of her belly plate.  I just thought I would show her off.  I couldn't even wait because I forgot to do my graphic stamp but I will get that up later as I have a party to clean for!  I might have a real hard time letting her go but at some point I will have to face the facts that I am an artist and these creations are not for me.  They are for special mommies and daddies who need them!

She has newborn dark blue eyes.

Tata for now,

Love Kimberly

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