Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More Pics of Marilyn Rose and Mason Alexander

Hi friends and reborn enthusiasts,

I thought I would share some pictures of my latest reborn creations.  I just finally got moved to my new place and had a moment to snap some photos of how cute they are.  I am just enjoying looking at them but they will be up for sale shortly.  I just got a break from the university I attend.  Thank goodness because that theology class was one of the hardest I ever had. I got an A- but I did not think I was going to pass it at all, the Professor was so hard on us.

Look how sweet these little babies are...I just want to cuddle them but they are for someone else to love, not me...Ok, I will just love them a little bit.  They are so cute, they could almost be brother and sister.  Well, do not worry the pricing will be great.  They will be priced very well around $400 with a belly plate.  I do layaway payment plans up to 6 payments but only for the serious buyer. 

Marilyn Rose is the Rose sculpt created by Donna Rubert from Bountiful Baby and Mason is actually the Heather sculpt created by Melissa George from Bountiful Baby.

I hope to get photo shoots done of them this week and then soon I shall have more little babies coming out.  I am planning a set of twins.  

Have a blessed and wonderful week.  More photos of how I make these beautiful reborn baby dolls coming shortly!

Lots of love,


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