Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rooting Raine Eden with Black Mohair...

So I am still working on Raine Eden but due to university classes I only had two days where I had time to do some rooting.  So Raine is still partially bald.  I am getting there.  I ended up removing the gloss from her eyes because the heat from the rice bag to keep her head warm for rooting was making it soft.  It came out pretty clean.  I hand rooted her eyelashes instead of using glue ins so we will see how they look when she is all done but I won't decide until her hair is done whether I will stick with her hand rooted lashes.  After her hair is done and eyelashes done then I will reapply the crystal clear resin to her eyes because although it's a pain, it looks so glossy and nice.

I chose to do her with black hair which looks pretty darn cute.  Her eyebrows aren't as thick but since she was my 3rd baby they are not exactly how I wish they were.  It's a learning process but they are cute still.  She is going to look precious when she is done.  I want to leave enough hair to give her a tuft for bows or clips.

I really like the 42G needle with one slot much better.  It roots only a hair or two at a time.  It looks much more natural than the 38G with the 6 slotted needle.  I am gonna get some forked 42G needles ordered as well.  I did end up liking the rubber ended needles but they still break if you aren't careful.  It's an expensive craft, that's for sure.  You can easily go through 10-30 dollars worth of needles if you are not careful.

I also went shopping for Rhaine and got her some really cute clothes.  I am excited to show you but I am so tired from all my homework this week and have had no time to take pics so that will be coming Sunday if I am lucky.

More to come soon! I should be putting Gracie Rose up for adoption this coming week when I have time.  I may add a bit more stuffing to her chest area, it's just a thought.

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